#LJInspired Mad Lib & Instagram Challenge

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Today I’m excited to announce that I’m participating in the #LJInspired who, what, when, where why inspiration Instagram Challenge, which kicks off today and will go for 4 weeks strong!

And it’s all starting off with another fun Mad Lib!

The new Inspired book by Lorna Jane made me feel motivated [adj] and strong [adj] and now I want to share the happy energy [noun] I feel with all of you which is why I’m hosting, along with #SweatPink and Lorna Jane, a 4 week #LJInspired Instagram Challenge.  I’ll be sharing everything – the who, what, where, when and why’s – of what inspires me to live a fit and healthy [adj] life and hope you’ll join me.

With this challenge, I am vowing to continue to live thoughtfully [adj] and make make progress [verb] towards my dream of working in publishing  [your dream].  Yes, my biggest dream is to help connect people, ideas, and different cultures through literature [your dream] and I’ll get there by staying committed [verb] and working diligently [verb] and of course leaning on others who inspire me like my SweatPink community [person] and family [person].

Did you get your copy of Lorna Jane Inspired yet? Order yours today: http://www.lornajane.com/INSPIRED/Inspired.


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