Wild Friends Nut Butter

Happy Sunday everyone!! Hope you all are having an amazing and relaxing weekend — it’s our last of July 2015!

Today I’m really excited to talk a little bit about a new favorite snack of mine — Wild Friends Nut Butters.  If you haven’t already tried them, I hope you’ll give them a chance after reading about my experience with their products, because let me tell you, they’re ridiculously delicious.  😉

Every since I was young, peanut butter has been one of my favorite spreadable nut butters. I loved making ‘ants on a log’ in grade school, coming home after high school and having a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter, and I still love scooping up peanut butter with apple slices, pretzel sticks, pita chips, celery (basically anything really haha).

But now, I’m also loving these newer nut butters like almond and sunflower butters. Who knew they’d be so tasty?!

I was fortunate enough to able to pick up a few samples of the Wild Friends Nut Butters at the 2015 BlogFest with SweatPink.  So the other day, when I decided to explore a new trail with an old friend, I brought along those samples just in case we got hungry during the hike.  And thank goodness I did!  By the time we reached the top of our trail, overlooking a gorgeous view of the SF Bay, we were really hungry and appreciated the convenient mini nut butter packages.

IMG_20150724_101231I really appreciate the fact that Wild Friends‘ products are 100% GMO-free, palm fruit oil & emulsifier-free and most are dairy-free.  And because they understand the sensitive nature of nut allergies, their almond and sunflower butters are made in a completely separate facility from the peanut butter products and do not contain any peanuts. And their flavor combinations are amazing: vanilla espresso almond butter, honey sunflower butter, sesame cranberry peanut butters…the list goes on and on. I’m already hungry for some more ;).

So if you haven’t already, give Wild Friends Nut Butters a try, of course only if you’re not allergic to nuts!

I’ll leave you with a few questions today: Are you a fan of nut butters? What’s your favorite nut butter snack combo? 🙂


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