Eating Hummus Straight out of the Package


I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been meaning to. Perhaps it’s cliched to say, but life just does get in the way sometimes.

And I haven’t been particularly inspired to write, even though I’ve been reading some great articles on healthy living that in turn make me reflect on my own journey. So I could have turned those reflections into blog posts, but never found the time or energy to sit down and write.

But today I do have some time. In part because I’m not allowed to be moving around a lot — I just got a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. So that means no exercise for about a week (yikes), soft food diet for the next few days, and a lot of resting. I don’t remember my last experience with wisdom teeth being quite so restrictive – and that time I had two of them pulled!

Right now, as I write this post, I’m sitting at my desk eating hummus straight out of the container. Yep. Not that I exactly want to — I normally love hummus, but with crackers, carrots, and in sandwiches, all of which I’m not allowed to have right now.  I was just craving something more substantial and filling than apple sauce and pudding.

I think when I was younger, the idea of being on a soft food diet wasn’t all that bad. Basically you got to eat smoothies and ice cream all day long. What kid doesn’t like the sound of that?! But now that I’m older, I’ve gotten used to cooking my own meals, buying my own groceries and making healthy eating choices for me. That’s why I can’t wait until my mouth has healed so I can eat some real food.  Veggie stir-fry and quinoa anyone? 😉

And the weather’s now oddly cool here in California so I’m not particularly in the mood to drink cold smoothies or even really eat ice cream all day. Bummer, I know.

Although it does give me more time to plan my next grocery run, research more workout routines, and do some light cleaning. And maybe catch up on some TV shows? 😉

Have you ever been on a soft-food diet? Any tips on speeding up healing after getting wisdom teeth pulled?

Thanks for reading!
~The Healthy Lioness


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