What does a Fitness Lifestyle mean to you?


Today’s #1MillionMinutes prompt with SweatPink & prAna really got me thinking: What does a Fitness Lifestyle mean to me?

Well, I know it means that I do everything in my power to eat healthy and exercise regularly. But it also means maintaining a level of mental and emotional fitness.

We can strive to be as muscular and powerful as possible, but if we’re not practicing to be mentally happy, content and emotionally balanced, then we may be missing the mark on the whole “healthy living” thing.

For me, setting out on this healthy living journey has always been a whole-body and mind endeavor. I’m trying to build up to a consistently active lifestyle, with healthy cooking & eating, and also a happy soul.  As I try and push myself out of my workout comfort zones, I’m trying to do the same with my lifestyle comfort zone. In about a month, I’ll be moving across the pond and the whole transition is beginning to terrify me just a little as the reality sets in.

But I know in the end, it’ll all be alright. It’s just the initial fear of the unknown and the stark change that jolts us. But that’s why we work hard in life, in fitness, and in our healthy living adventures to ensure that we come out stronger and wiser. It’s all about the attempt. As they often say, the work you put in affects how much you’ll get out of it.

So a Fitness Lifestyle means challenging myself. It means being ready and organized with my goals. It means having my workout outfits laid out and ready for the next day’s adventure. It means prepping my meals for the week. It means having some fun after achieving a milestone. It means balancing consistency and change.

That’s what a fitness lifestyle means to me.

#SweatPink #1MillionMinutes #liveinprAna

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PrAna. However, all opinions are my own.


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