Learning to Master Prepping for Busy Weeks

Today’s prompt for SweatPink’s #1MillionMinutes movement asks about our favorite ways to get ready for the week ahead:

  • Gym bag packed? Meals prepped? What are your favorite ways to make your weeks a little easier? #1millionminutes #liveinprana #sweatpink @prana

Sunday’s always a very fun, relaxing day, but I like to also think of it as a head-start on the week’s workload.

I love lists. Couldn’t live without them. Wouldn’t function without them. They’re a saving grace. Seriously.

First I write down everything that needs to be done for the week, breaking it down day by day. Then I see if there’s anything that can be accomplished beforehand, and if so, I try and get it done on Sunday.

I’m pretty simple when it comes to breakfast. While I don’t go out on an empty stomach, I usually just have a small portion of something. I always have a cup of tea, and usually half a bagel with cream cheese, or toast & peanut butter, or on a really rushed day, a granola bar. (I just heard the deep gasps from all of the breakfast lovers!). No, I don’t hate breakfast, my stomach just can’t handle lots of food first thing in the morning. I usually do much better by lunchtime and scarf down all the food. 😉

I’ve been meaning to get into meal prep, and as soon as the craziness of summer and life transitions are sorted, I’ll definitely start. Weekends are usually the best time to go grocery shopping anyways, so my refrigerator is usually stocked with fresh fruits, veggies and tofu, and cabinets with whole grains and beans. While I don’t always pre-plan what I’ll be cooking for lunch or dinner each day, I usually know that I can whip up something quick and nutritious because the ingredients are all there.

I find that penciling (or typing) in time for workouts really helps me to remember and stick to them. Having an allotted time already determined also means that I usually can’t say, ‘I have no time.’ 😉

Washing clothes on the weekend means that I should have enough of everything to get me through the week. And that also means that I can plan out what I’m wearing to workout sessions, like my fave black prAna cropped yoga pants!

How do you prepare for busy weeks to make them less hectic?


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