Joining in on Blogger Pros with #SweatPink!


Fit Approach has been curating a blogging initiative called Blogger Pros to inspire SweatPink ambassadors to gather round specific topics and blog about their perspectives. It’s been very cool to read everyone’s posts and learn from their stories.

The latest prompt is all about goals and motivation, so I thought I’d share too in hopes that by writing about it, I’ll become more motivated. 😉

My current goals simply include making small but steady changes in my lifestyle to incorporate more healthy eating (i.e. more whole fruits, veggies & grains), drink more water [hydration is key, hydration is key, hydration…is what I keep telling myself ;)], and do a little bit of exercise each day to build up my endurance.

Motivation is often a hard thing to maintain. Sometimes it hits hard and I want to do it all right then. But then it slips away…

So since I like to write things down, I jot down my goals and the steps I must take to achieve them just about everywhere. It’s in my calendar, on my to-do list, on sticky notes on my desk. These constant reminders have proven to be pretty helpful in the long-run.

And when I do hit a mental wall – which has happened before, but don’t worry, if you’re in one right now, know that it likely won’t last very long – I take a break. It’s the same when I have writer’s block. Stepping away from the computer or yoga mat and doing something completely different, like cooking, cleaning or even watching a bit of t.v. really allows my mind to focus on something else and clear away the uncertainties and doubt. I come back feeling refreshed and with a bit more umph to try and finish the task at hand.

How to do you maintain your motivation for workouts and healthy living goals?


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