How Has Fitness Transformed Me?

Today’s #liveinprAna prompt asks how fitness has transformed each of us.

When I look back, I can see that my life has definitely changed for the better.

I am now way more health conscious and mindful than I’ve never been. I try my best to eat healthy, whole meals and limit my snacking (which is always hard, but every time I opt for a healthy alternative over chips or cookies, I’m proud of my choice).  And because I’ve been educating myself on what constitutes smart and wholesome eating habits, it’s becoming easier and a bit more automatic to choose the healthy options.

Yoga clothes are slowly taking over my wardrobe (not 100% sure but I think I own more yoga pants – most of them are from prAna – than jeans ;P).  Having the clothing readily accessible in my closet means that I’m more likely to feel motivated to workout.

And I drink way more water than I used to, which is great! Even if I have a day where I’m not eating the best for whatever reason (hectic schedule or on-the-go, etc), water is non-negotiable.


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