#liveinprAna Mad Libbin’

upgrade 8.11

It’s the last week of #1millionminutes and SweatPink is partnering with prAna to help us reach our goal of achieving one million minutes of activity. prAna just launched their new Fall line (super cute and chic clothes to choose from y’all!) and will be awarding cute items as prizes this week! So if you want to join in on the fun and participate for a chance to win cool apparel, participate with this mad lib and share!

When the 1 million minutes challenge started, I set out to achieve 1000 minutes [goal minutes of activity]. And I dominated [verb] that goal by working out to online videos [verb] and yoga-ing [verb] my way to 1100 [# of minutes].

The best part of this challenge for me was spontaneous hiking and running adventures. I probably spent the most time tracking my minutes while I was exploring with friends [person]

I was ecstatic [verb] to see so many Sweat Pink’ers joining in on the challenge and breaking a sweat yoga-ing & running [type of activity]. Liz [person] was one of my favorite people to stalk follow during the challenge because he/she killed [verb] it!

I’m sad that it’s the last week but also excited that prAna is our sponsor because I’m coveting the Cosmo Top [item from prAna] and going to tweet [verb] my little heart out in hopes to win!

Plus, I’ll need the Vera Top [item from prAna website] to help me get through my Fall goals which are to practice yoga regularly and start running. And now I tag Autumn [person] and Sarah [person] to join in on the fun!

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by prAna. All opinions are our own. We so appreciate you supporting the brands that support Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink community!


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