Why I Love the SweatPink Community

sweatpink community

I’m so happy with today’s #1MillionMinutes prompt to end the challenge. It’s simply the perfect way to capture what the entire movement has been about this whole time — support and community.

[Prompt: We want to know what community means to you – show us how #1millionminutes has helped keep you on track and accountable this summer! #liveinprAna #sweatpink @prAna @FitApproach]

I’ve been a SweatPink ambassador and team member for over 2 years now and have loved my time since the very beginning. I joined because I was immediately struck by the incredibly open and non-judgmental atmosphere that founders Jamie & Alyse have taken such great care to foster. The positive and happy vibes permeated from the whole organization, which made me feel very welcome despite my lack of knowledge in fitness and healthy living. Because everyone has been so supportive and helpful, I’ve really been able to learn from them all and grow my own understanding of fitness and healthy living, adapting it to my own lifestyle.

The #1MillionMinutes movement reminded me of how great everyone is with motivation and inspiring each other. Even though the primary way SweatPink ambassadors connect is over the internet, the supportive atmosphere is clearly evident on the web as much as it is when you meet in person!  Thanks to the awesome #SweatPink network, I was able to keep going this summer and reach my goal of 1000 active minutes! 😀


Whether it’s a movement like #1MillionMinutes or a big, life-changing event like college or a job, I feel as though it’s always at the end of things that you fully understand the immense impact something has had on you. Today, I’m deeply grateful to be an active part of this amazing group of women and men who strive to lead healthy lives while sharing their progress and wisdom in hopes of helping others succeed too.

Of course, there will be more inspiring movements hosted through the SweatPink community and I wholeheartedly look forward to participating in them!

Just want to end by giving a HUGE shout-out to Jamie, Alyse & Liz for being such awesome teammates. You’re all crazy-inspiring. Thank you for everything. 🙂

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by prAna. All opinions are our own. We so appreciate you supporting the brands that support Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink community!


One thought on “Why I Love the SweatPink Community

  1. Aww thank you Dapinder!! Right back atcha – we are so, so lucky to have had you sweating pink with us for over 2 years, and we can’t wait for your next adventure, as much as we will miss you like crazy.



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