Balance Makes Me Feel #BosuStrong

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The #BosuStrong Challenge hosted by Fit Approach and Bosu has been incredibly inspiring and I’m so glad to be following all of the action on Twitter and Facebook!

As I find my new normal here in the UK, it’s becoming easier to organize my personal fitness and eating habits.  Trips to the grocery store are less frazzling (because I’m not lugging back massive bags to stock up on basics anymore). And as I get back into cooking real food, I get excited over certain products like edamame, blueberries, and ginger snaps! Yes, I know, those are common items available in the UK, but hey, they remind me of shopping for produce and snacks at the local shops back in California. It’s amazing how finding a few simple items like those can calm anxieties and make you feel more at home. [Shout-out to all of my #SweatPink sisters who have been a phenomenal support system, expressing their interest in my adventures and empathizing with my experience of homesickness — I’m deeply appreciative of all of the love!]

So as this post’s title points out, today is #totalbodythursday. To give my body a much-needed workout that targets all of the core areas, I plan to perform the following moves by the end of the day:

– Mountain Climbers
– Planks (Because who doesn’t love a good plank?!)
– Squats
– Tricep Dips
– Jumping Jacks
– Burpees

And hopefully I can squeeze in ten minutes of zen-inspiring yoga. Ensuring that I prioritize time for both my body, including workouts and healthy eating, and my mind makes me feel #BosuStrong. I’m trying to focus less on how stressed I feel and transform that negative energy into positive energy.

On that note, let’s spread a little extra positivity today.
~ The Healthy Lioness


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