Joining in on the #UltimateCoffeeDate Linkup!

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Early in October, I came across FitnessMomWineCountry‘s Ultimate Coffee Date post and immediately loved the idea behind the linkup. I adore coffee – I probably have at least one cup a day (sometimes two if I’m writing papers). And I’ve always really enjoyed meeting up with friends to catch up, usually one-on-one, over a latte or an americano. So obviously, I had to try out this virtual coffee date; I think it’s a great way to ‘meet up’ with tons of other bloggers, network and learn about what’s going on in their lives.

So thank you to the hosts – Deborah, Coco and Lynda – for heading this linkup!

To start off this month’s coffee catch-up, Good Morning and Happy Saturday!

We’re officially a full week into November and the autumn season is sweeping past like crazy. I can’t believe it was Halloween last weekend and now we’re heading towards Thanksgiving. Now, even though I am in the UK right now and won’t make it home for all of the amazing foods and family gatherings that’ll be happening in two and a half weeks, I plan to do my own cooking here with friends!  I especially can’t wait to make apple pie and roast potatoes/veggies. YUM, am I right?

Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving or family/friend gatherings coming up?

November’s a pretty busy month for me compared to October. I’ve got quite a few assignments and projects due for my post-grad classes and I’m currently in the middle of a short-term internship at Women’s Fitness Magazine. It’s tough balancing full-time school and a part-time work placement so I am in awe of those who do both full-time!

Are you working on any big projects this month?

Going back to the topic of coffee…have you seen Starbucks’ red cups for the holiday season?! I personally really love them; the vibrant red cheers me up on cold mornings and gets me excited for the holidays coming up. AND they’re already serving holiday drinks – Gingerbread latte anyone? The only thing is, the drinks available here in the UK are different than the US. I have yet to come across peppermint mochas and creme brulee lattes…but I am excited to try out the new ones here, like the honey, almond hot chocolate and toffee nut latte :).

What’s your favorite Starbucks holiday drink?

Well, that’s all I have for now. Enjoy the weekend everyone!
~ The Healthy Lioness


5 thoughts on “Joining in on the #UltimateCoffeeDate Linkup!

  1. Yay! Welcome to the coffee linkup! 😀 I love it, since it’s always a great chance to kinda just catch up with everyone in the blogging world! :] Your November sounds packed, but it also sounds like it’ll be really interesting! The internship at Women’s Fitness Magazine seems like it’d be fun! :]

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  2. I am so glad you are back to join us. I have never had the Starbucks holiday drinks ever. I have gotten just an espresso or coffee with almond milk though. My hubby did buy me a limited edition red Starbucks coffee travel cup, so I keep that for my normal drinks I make at home.
    I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!! My favorite holiday to cook for. I do all of it here, everyone just shows up.
    Have a fabulous weekend my friend 🙂

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    • Ooo your travel cup sounds lovely! I have yet to try out coffee with almond milk, but maybe I’ll give it a shot next time. And wow, you must do a lot of cooking every year on Thanksgiving then! Have a great weekend as well! 😀


      • I love the Almond Milk because it is zero sugar. It took a while to get used to, but I figure there is enough sugar in so many other things, that taking it out of my coffee would be smart.

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