#UltimateCoffeeDate | July Edition


Hello blogger friends and readers!

It’s officially the second half of 2016 – month 7 – already!  Here’s another blog post for the #UltimateCoffeeDate link-up, hosted by fitness bloggers Lynda, Coco, and Deborah.

While we catch up over coffee, I’d like to share…

That I’ve been on healthylioness.wordpress.com for a whole year now!  This ‘anniversary’ is a reminder of why I started blogging – to keep myself accountable to my health goals and to stay connected to the Sweat Pink ambassador community. Now that’s something I can celebrate. 🙂

Next, I’d like to share… 

That my new favorite form of leisurely exercise in London is walking along the Thames River into the nearby town center.  It usually takes an hour round-trip, which is just enough light exercise for a couple days per week to keep the academic stress at bay. Plus, I get to take in the gorgeous scenery, say hi to the swans and ducks, and sometimes grab a coffee on my way back.

Do you have a favorite type of leisurely exercise?

Finally, I’d like to share…

That I’m desperately looking forward to (and praying for) warmer weather in London.  We had some great days in early June, but lately dark clouds have been hanging over the city. I always feel more energetic when the sun’s out, so here’s to hoping July holds some epic weeks of sunshine bliss!

What are you excited for in July?

Thanks for reading!

~ The Healthy Lioness





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